All our products are available in plain Zincalume™ or galvanised and pre-painted materials at a variety of gauges to suit any application. We also supply clear sheeting in a matching profile for natural lighting. For more information on any of these products please go to


Corrugated sheets have been around for many years for commercial and agricultural buildings and has started to find a new popularity in residential buildings.
It is seen as a green low cost solution.
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Ribline®’s unique capillary lapping edge enhances performance and offers additional security against water ingress.
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Multirib™is a medium height, long run roofing and cladding profile designed primarily for industrial and commercial applications.
Multirib™ is also suited for roofing applications on low pitch residential projects.
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Multidek® 500 is a strong, bold roofing and wall cladding profile which is attached to roof supports using a concealed clip fastening system, ultimately eliminating water leakage concerns at fastening points.
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